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17201-27030 Engine Turbocharger Sub Assy RAV4 1CD-FTV

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CMI
Certification: TS16949
Model Number: 17201-27030
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10-50
Price: factory price
Packaging Details: Neutral packing box
Delivery Time: 15-25working days
Supply Ability: 10000pcs

Detail Information

Material: Iron/ Aluminum Alloy/non-asbestos Product: Turbo Charger
Application: 17201 0L040 Prado 1kD MODEL: RAV4 1CD
Parts #: GT1749V Aftermarket Replacement: 17201 27030 Rav4
OEM #: 17201-30120 HILUX
High Light:

17201-27030 Engine Turbocharger


RAV4 Engine Turbocharger


GT1749V Auto Engine Parts

Product Description


05/2001-11/2009  AVENSIS VERSO, PICNIC ACM20,CLM20
02/2000-12/2005  PREVIA, TARAGO ACR30,CLR30

TOYOTA 172010L030 Hilux kun156 KUN40 LAN50 Turbo Charger


08/2004-03/2012 HILUX GGN15,25,35,KUN1*,2*,3*,LAN15,25,35,TGN1*,26,36
01/2005-03/2012  FORTUNER GGN50,60,KUN5*,6*,LAN50,TGN51,61
07/2011- TOYOTA FORTUNER GGN50,60,KUN5*,6*,LAN50,TGN51,61
07/2015-  FORTUNER GGN155,165,GUN15*,16*,KUN156,165,LAN155,TGN156,16*
07/2011-  HILUX GGN15,25,35,KUN1*,2*,3*,LAN15,25,35,TGN1*,26,36
05/2015- TOYOTA HILUX GGN1**,GUN1**,KUN1**,LAN125,TGN1**


Mitsubishi TD04 TD06,TF035,TD05,TD07 all of the following models can be purchased from us.


TD04 49177-01515 49177-02513  
  49135-02100 49135-02110  
  49177-02500 28200-4A210  
TD04 49177-01512 MR355222 L200
TD04 49177-01510 MD106720  
  49177-02511 MD094740  
  49177-01501 MD168053  
  49177-01500 49177-01511  
TD04 49135-04121 28200-4A201 D4BH Starex
TD04 49177-02400 MD168264 6G72 Left
TF035 49135-03101 49135-03100 Delicia
  49135-03130 49135-03311  
  ME202012 ME21677  
TF035 49135-03310 49135-03033 Pajero, FUSO Canter
  49377-03031 49377-03043  
TF035 49135-03411    
TF035 49135-02920 1515A123 Shogun, Pajero, Montero 4M41
TF035 49135-02652 MR968080 L200, W200-Shogun
TF035 1515A041    
VT10 1515A029 VC420088 Truck L200/W200
TD025L-07G 49173-01400 A30507 Galant VR4 4WD V6
TD05 49178-00550 6208-81-8100 4D31T
  49178-00500 49189-00500  
  ME080098 ME013134  
TD05H 49178-02320 49178-03122 Truck 4D34T1
  ME014878 28230-41500  
TD06 49179-00260 49179-02511 Truck 4D34/6D31
  49179-00261 ME073623  
TD06-17A 49179-00110 49175-00428 S6D14T
TD06-17C 49179-02110 ME088256 6D31T
TD06H-12M 49185-01010 SK200-6 GRAB 6D34T
TD07 49179-00270 49178-00250  
TD07 49178-00271 ME073935 6D16T
TD08 49188-01261 ME15464 6D22T
TD08H 49188-04210T    

49177-01515 TD04 Turbocompressore 49177-01512 49177-01515 Turbo per Mitsubishi L300 2.5L D L200 4D56 2.5TD 1990-1997 MR212759 MR355222
Other Popular Model:

Bearing Housing (Water Cooled) 49179-25300
Turbine Wheel 49179-30220
Turbine Inducer, Exducer 67.2 mm, 58.8 mm
Comp. Wheel 49179-43400
Compressor Inducer, Exducer 52.6 mm, 68.0 mm
Repair Kit 49178-81100 NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Housing 49179-15990
Compressor Cover 49179-56890
Actuator 49179-18110
Compressor Spec 20G
Suits Engine Size 2.0L to 3.0L
Flange Details Turbine Inlet Flange T3
Turbine Outlet Flange 5-Bolt

Mitsubishi Fuso, Cantor Truck & Bus 4D34, 6D31 TDO6 Turbo 49179-00260
Mitsubishi Cantor 4D34, 6D31 TDO6 Turbo
Part Number 4917900260
OE number ME073623
Description Mitsubishi Fuso, Cantor Truck & Bus Truck 4D34/6D31
Manufacturer Part Number 49179-00261, 49179-00270, 49179-00280, 49179-00290
CHRA 49179-08540 $679.00 NEW IN STOCK, MADE IN JAPAN
Turbo Model TD06
Engine 4D34, 6D31

Pajero wagon1990 4D56 8VALVE, Related parts all available from A1 AUTO PARTS TEAM.

Liner Cylinder/Sleeve 4pcs one complete kit
piston STD 1set=4pcs
piston ring 1set=4pcs
turbo charger 49177-01515
clutch disc Pajero 1990
tappets 1set=8pcs

Engine 4D56 MD302889 Cylinder Head Gasket 4G56 4M40 Fits Mitsubishi Pajero II aftermarket auto gasket kits replacement
17201-27030 Engine Turbocharger Sub Assy RAV4 1CD-FTV 0
Engine L200 4D56 8V
gasket kit Gasket, Cylinder Head
Liner Cylinder/Sleeve 4pcs one complete kit
piston STD 1set=4pcs
piston pin 4pcs
piston pin clips 8pcs (piston pin price include)
piston ring 1set=4pcs
valves 8pcs(4intake+4exhaust)
valves guides
valeves seats 8pcs
The crankshaft bearing STD
Connecting rod bearing STD
crankshaft thrust washer 1set=4pcs

Engine related parts: Engine Valve,Inserts,Guides,Cylinder head, Piston,Piston rings, cylinder liner, piston pin,Engine Bearings.
Our technical specialists can try to find this part ,it can be Genuine OEM or Aftermarket 100% high quality.
Please, provide us: original parts number,vehicle brand, model, year, colour, VIN, frame and any other information, which can help us to identify your vehicle and necessary part. The more information you provide,the quicker response will be.
Q:How do I take the heads off?
A:To take the heads off, you need to remove any parts that are in the way and remove the bolts. Be sure to loosen the bolts in a specific order (which is specific to your engine), and don't loosen them more than a quarter turn at once so you don't warp the cylinder head.
Q:Will it hurt to soak the heads for cleaning while the valves and springs are still attached?
A:I would imagine this could damage the valve seals, but the springs, seats, retainers, valves, and guides should all be fine.


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