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We stringently adhere to the quality management system standard of ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Strict tests are conducted during the whole manufacturing process from key spare parts to finished products to make sure that every product used by customers are qualified.


Our Strengths
The well-developed Chinese auto component industry manufactures a wide variety of products including engine parts, drive transmission and steering parts, body and chassis, suspension and braking parts, equipment and electrical parts, besides others. Leading Chinese players are adopting new techniques to provide advanced and innovative product offerings to our customers. Growing importance of automotive parts for Chinese consumers has empowered manufacturers to innovate and market a variety of applications.
Chinese automotive parts market is set to experience favorable growth driven by factors such as growing vehicle production, rising disposable income, rapid urbanization, growing importance of ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) and surging electric car sales. The major trends observed in this market include rising demand for electric vehicles, increasing penetration of electric power steering (EPS), technological advances among others.
Recent years,in terms of key components and parts, more and more rich experience in the techniques of designing, developing and manufacturing and the supply chain management,now quickly to meet the high requirements of vehicle matching in transnational automobile enterprises.
A1 Auto Parts Connection Co.,Ltd is located in Guangzhou, which is the largest distribution place of auto parts in South China.Guangzhou has concentrated parts of various automobile brands, such as the United States, Europe, South Korea, Japan and local maker. The products are rich and complete in categories, with various prices, meeting the needs of customers with different quality. These components and parts are not only provided to the domestic market of 1.4 billion people, but also exported to the world.In the past 10 years, with the popularity of Chinese cars, the number of cars has been increasing, which makes the auto parts industry have greater development space and more mature and professional business model.

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Auto parts play a very important role in automobile after-sales service. Due to the special design of different models, the sales of auto parts have high professional requirements for employees. Usually, a car consists of 20000 parts. In the process of use, due to wear, corrosion and deformation, each part will lose or partially lose its working ability, which will make the vehicle unable to work Normal driving, if there are professional personnel to provide services for you, it will purchase for will save more maintenance costs for you.
A1 has 20 years of experience in the after-sales market of auto parts, and the main person in charge of the sales team of the company has at least 15 years of experience.We have a small and efficient professional service team, which can meet the different product needs of dealers or wholesalers.
It should be emphasized that we have been focusing on the wholesale and sales of chassis parts, and have our own product brand. The main advantages are the suspension parts, steering system and braking parts.


Focusing on automotive aftermarket.
Strong R&D Team,and superb manufacturing technology. with enough inventory in Guangzhou,China. We always supporting you win the market, stepping ahead and beyond your competitors.



A1 Auto Parts
If there is no special description about the products, all parts and accessories we provide are full-new and authentic products for the after-sales market. The products displayed are manufactured under our company's quality management system, and their quality positioning is intermediate or advanced.
Due to the inconsistency of raw materials and processing methods in the manufacturing process, affected by the international exchange rate of raw materials and inflation, the price difference is inevitable. Different quality requirements, different product packaging requirements and different quantity prices are not the same. If the product has marked price, the price is only for reference.All products of our company are developed in strict accordance with the original parts. If you need to confirm, we can provide different models of molds and product sizes for verification. Please contact customer service personnel for details.

The Appearance Treatment Of Products
All products of the company support customization. The common surface treatment methods of metal products include electric polishing, pickling, spraying, laser engraving, etc.

We have sufficient products and safety stock of spare parts, which enable us to make delivery timely.The goods are packed in a unified outer box, which can support most of the international logistics and local logistics. Due to the particularity of auto parts products, most of the products are heavy goods. It is recommended to choose sea transportation, if the purchased products are heavy goods.If you are a private car owner,and you only need to buy retail products which we have products in stock.Such as car engine,shock absorbers, steering rack gearbox, gasket kits and other necessary electrical small parts.the international express delivery generally arrives about 10 ~ 15 days after payment.

Customer Service
When we get your buying leads,we will give you feedback within 12 hours, a professional product service specialist will email or make a phone call to you.

After Sales Service Of Products
Due to the impractical product size and some processing problems, the parts can not be used. Under the condition of not affecting the resale, it supports the return and exchange of goods.Contact the customer service staff to learn more about the specific return process.






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