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New Energy Vehicles in China

February 10, 2021

Latest company news about New Energy Vehicles in China

New energy vehicles are about to become the commanding height of the growth of the next auto market. As far as China's current market is concerned there are many star models of new energy.So how are new energy vehicles classified?What are the typical mass production models?
New energy vehicles are divided into electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.
Electric vehicles : electric vehicles(EV) and fuel cell vehicles(FCV).The characteristic of electric vehicles(EV) is to rely on the driving mode of charging the battery in advance.The characteristics of the raw material battery vehicle is to use hydrogen as fuel to generate electricity and use its released electric energy to drive.
Hybrid electric vehicles : parallel type and series typeParallel type features engine and motor as driving power
The series feature is used to start the generator and the car runs on the electricity generated by the generator.
EV that is to say battery discharge drives motor vehicles to provide forward energy Currently Tesla is the representative model.

The typical representative of FCV is Toyota's Mirai.In parallel hybrid electric vehicle the power of crude oil engine and motor are used to drive the car forward At present the typical model is BYD Qin.
The hybrid electric vehicle in series only uses the motor as the driving force of the vehicle The crude oil engine is only used to start the generator and use the electricity from the generator to drive the motor The typical vehicle is the Chevrolet Volt.

The popularity of electric vehicles is limited by the current battery technology but with the rapid development of science and technology the performance and range of vehicles will be greatly improved.
The sales volume of new energy vehicles(NEV) in China ranked first in the world for five consecutive years .Among the new energy vehicles,the passenger cars are the main products in the market accounting for more than 90% of the total sales volume.
In 2020 the production and sales of NEVs ,what the number is 1.247 million and 1.246 million, which the production and sales of pure electric passenger vehicles number is 0.991 million and 1 million respectively occupying the main market of new energy passenger vehicles.
In terms of models Tesla Model3 and WULING Hongguang Mini EV are the best-selling models of with sales volume of more than 100 000.
As the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China accounts for more than half of the global sales volume. China is still the largest new energy vehicle market in the world and enjoys great development potential. The sales volume of NEVs(new energy vehicles) are expected to account for 25% of the total sales volume of new vehicles in China by 2025.
In addition A1 Team is currently working on the integration of parts supply chain in the after-sales market of new energy vehicles and we expect to have further news soon.
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