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Broken Clock Spring Symptoms and Replacement Tips

September 25, 2020

Latest company case about Broken Clock Spring Symptoms and Replacement Tips

Does your car's horn not work?

airbag light on?
cruise control and volume controls out?

The clock spring might be broken and need to be replaced!


Bad Airbag Clock Spring Symptoms
This clock spring steering wheel spiral cable can go bad when these wires become fatigued and break causing a short or open circuit.
When this malfunction occurs it will cause the airbag warning light on and the system to shut down.Horn and radio controls will also quit working as for the cruise control as well.


How much does it cost to replace a clock spring?
Typical cost to replace a clock spring can range from $400-$1000. To save money replace the clock spring yourself. You can buy a replacement parts for most cars via suspensionmounts online electrical spare parts showing site.


How to Replace Your Vehicle's Clock Spring?

If your vehicle has melted clock springs or damaged, you can find every car models from A1 AUTO PARTS CONNECTION.
Steps to Remove Clock Spring
Disconnect the Battery
The very first thing you need to do is disconnect the negative charge from the car battery. Once you have done this, wait about 5-10 minutes for the charge to leave the airbag system so that you don’t risk getting electrocuted. If you want to check to make sure that the charge has left the vehicle, you can try to turn on the lights to see if they are still getting power.
Lock the Steering Wheel
Straighten the steering wheel and then turn the ignition to the LOCK position. This will ensure that the steering wheel stays in the correct position until you are done.
Remove the Clock Spring
There are a variety of things that will need to be disconnected or removed depending on your vehicles your specific make, model, and year. if you need assistance determining the specific procedure for your specific vehicle. For most vehicles, the steps to remove the clock spring are as follows:
Remove Steering Wheel Bolt Cover Clips
Remove SRS Airbag Control Module Bolts
Remove the SRS Airbag Control Module from the Steering Wheel (make sure you disconnect any electrical connectors)
Remove the nut that is connecting the steering wheel to the column
Now you can remove the steering wheel from the steering column
Once the steering wheel has been removed, you can remove the Clock spring

Now you can visit and leave us the car VIN number or products photo,we will find the right parts to help you replace it.


Steps to install Clock spring
Lock the Steering Wheel
Straighten the steering wheel and then turn the ignition to the LOCK position. This will ensure that the steering wheel stays in the correct position until you are done.
Turn the Clock spring
Take the repaired Clock spring and carefully turn it clockwise until it stops. Then turn the Clockspring counterclockwise approximately 2.75 times.
Center the Clock spring so that the mark on the Clock spring is aligned with the mark on the outer housing.
Install the Clock spring – This process will be similar to what you did when you removed the Clockspring, only in reverse. You will need to install or reconnect the following things:
Steering Wheel and the nut that connects the steering wheel to the column
Make sure you reconnect the electrical connectors
Reconnect the steering wheel module clips
Put the Bolt Cover Clips back over the bolts on each side of the steering wheel.


User's feedback:
“My problem is that whenever I drive, I started hearing rattling noise inside my steering wheel. I put pads on headlight and wiper switches attached a metal plate on the steering and tied up any loose wires, but I still hear the noise. I bet this spring wire keeps moving back-and-forth on mine.Thank you. I literally just did this on my old airbag clock spring.I replaced it finally.”


Following link of clock spring on a Toyota/ Lexus/Nissan/Honda/Mitsubishi/Hyundai vehicle:

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