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Engine Overhaul Gasket Kit 04111-75850 PRADO TRJ150

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fit Prado 2TR
Model Number: 0411175850
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Packaging Details: Neutral packing box
Delivery Time: 15-25working days
Supply Ability: 100000pcs

Detail Information

Product Name:: OVERHAUL GASKET KIT MODEL1: Landcruiser
Parts Number: 04111-75850 Frame: TRJ120 TRJ150
High Light:

Engine Overhaul Gasket Kit


TRJ150 Overhaul Gasket Kit


04111-75850 Overhaul Gasket Kit

Product Description



Model Frames Date
TRJ120L-GKMEKV GX, GCC, LHD, 2TRFE, MTM, 5F, 5D 08/2004-07/2009
TRJ120L-GKPEK GX, GEN, LHD, 2TRFE, ATM, 4FC, 5D 08/2004-07/2009
TRJ120L-GKPEKV GX, GCC, LHD, 2TRFE, ATM, 4FC, 5D 08/2004-07/2009
TRJ125L-GJMEK GX, GEN, LHD, 2TRFE, MTM, 5F, 3D 08/2004-07/2009
TRJ125L-GJPEKV GX, GCC, LHD, 2TRFE, ATM, 4FC, 3D 08/2004-07/2009


How to replaced the land cruiser PRADO 2TR engine overhaul gasket kits?


For ordinary consumers, replacing the overhaul kits means that there is a problem with the engine system.Or it needs to be replaced with a new one, or it needs a lot of accessories to repair.
After determining whether to replace the engine or replace the parts of the brake engine.You can choose to buy a full new one which for aftermarket replacement, and then ask the repair shop to help replace it.It would be cheaper to try to repair it.However, you need to find professional maintenance services.


Engine Rebuilder Overhaul Gasket Kit;

Kits include all gaskets required for a complete engine overhaul.Cylinder head intake, exhaust, valve cover and oil pan. timing cover, fuel pump, thermostat, water pump, and rear main seal. For OE replacement, high performance street, drag race and oval track.


When does the engine overhaul package need to be replaced?


If your engine consumes fuel due to worn piston rings or valve guides, or power decreases due to poor piston rings and valve sealing lobes.Or the pressure is too low, a comprehensive overhaul may be required.
You can choose to use a new engine or rebuild the engine with overhaul gasket kits and other necessary parts.


Why do you need rebuild gasket kits?


These sets are designed to save money by giving the technician the exact gaskets needed for installing an already reconditioned or fully assembled head.These kits do not include valve stem and camshaft seals, and private car owners will not be forced to buy unnecessary parts.


Q:How do I take the heads off?
A:To take the heads off, you need to remove any parts that are in the way and remove the bolts. Be sure to loosen the bolts in a specific order (which is specific to your engine), and don't loosen them more than a quarter turn at once so you don't warp the cylinder head.

Q:Will it hurt to soak the heads for cleaning while the valves and springs are still attached?
A:I would imagine this could damage the valve seals, but the springs, seats, retainers, valves, and guides should all be fine.



Installation guide:

The head gasket is found between the engine block and the cylinder head or heads in a V-type engine. The gasket functions as a seal that prevents the combustion process from leaking into the coolant passages that surround each cylinder. In many cases, it seals oil passages from coolant passages so the fluids do not mix.
Obtain a service manual for your car's make and model. It will include step by step procedures with images that explain how to replace your head gasket(s). It will also list any special tools that you may need.
Most cylinder heads are made of either iron or an aluminum alloy. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of the performance and lifetime of your vehicle, but more importantly, aluminum is a softer metal and may be more prone to damage in the cleaning process.

Aluminum heads are much lighter than iron ones, both in weight and in color. Light grey heads are likely made of aluminum while darker colors may indicate iron. Iron is prone to rusting, while aluminum is not. If there are signs of surface rust on the heads, they are made of iron.
A magnet will not stick to an aluminum cylinder head, but it will stick to an iron one.

Engine RA18A Honda 06110-RNA-000 fits Honda crossroad 2007 R16A R20A Civic R18A1 06114-RNA-000


Accord Element
Head set: 06110-RAA-A01,06110-RBA-E00,06110-RBB-000,06114-PPA-000
Cylinder Head: 12251-RAA-004


Civic 1600 Head set: 06110-PSH-E00,06111-PLC-010
Cylinder Head:12251-PLC-003


CR-V 2000
Head set:06110-P3F-010,06111-PR4-010
Cylinder Head:12251-P8R-004


FIT-III City Saloon



HR-V VTEC 1600


JAZZ 1300



Engine 4D56 MD302889 Cylinder Head Gasket 4G56 4M40 Fits Mitsubishi Pajero II aftermarket auto gasket kits replacement

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