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Volvo XC60:Private car maintenance auto parts

February 23, 2021

Latest company case about Volvo XC60:Private car maintenance auto parts

Our manager Leo has lived and worked in French-speaking West Africa for five years.Due to some well-known reasons (covid-19) in 2020,he returned to China and continue his auto parts trade service.
His friend Ahmed Musa has a Volvo car,XC60. Leo was told that a part of Musa's car was broken last month (in Januaury,2021). The parts is a rear Electric Tailgate Gas Struts.(As shown in the figure above).Leo immediately arranged for the parts to be transported by air and his friend received them a week later.Now the car get back to normal.

The basic information of this car is as follows:
VIN number of Volvo: YV161HDZ7F2658842

OEM Part Number : 31386705 Left
OEM Part Number : 31386706 Right

Makes Model Years BodyStyle OEM# Number
VOLVO XC60 2012-2015 LEFT Hatchback 31386705
VOLVO XC60 2012-2015 RIGHT Hatchback 31386706
VOLVO XC60 AISA PACIFIC EDITION 2015-2017 Hatchback 31457566
VOLVO XC90 2016-2019 Hatchback 31457610

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China wholesaler Direct Sales,please contact us if you in need.


We provide the following product list for private car owners:

Engine auto parts series:

gasoline pump, diesel pump, oil pump, fuel injector, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, engine belt, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, engine computer board, intake and exhaust manifold, valve seat, valve oil seal, Water pumps, electronic fans, radiators, thermostats, condensers, cam bearing bushes, connecting rod bearing bushes, curved front and rear oil seals, flywheels, valve push rods, valve springs, exhaust pipes, three-way catalytic converters, fuel tanks, water tanks, Carburetor, tensioner, synchronizing wheel, sensor, air flow meter, etc.

Body cover parts series:

car covering parts, front bumper, front and rear panels, front and rear bumpers, middle grill, fender, sand board, engine cover, tail cover, roof, door, trim panel, door handle inside and outside, rear view mirror , Antennas, headlights, taillights, turn signals, fog lights, endoscopes, bulbs, etc.

A1 AUTO PARTS service: private car maintenance parts /fast moving parts /service kit of Vehicle

Wholesale and retail orders, urgent auto spare parts which no supply in your local market.
The wrong replacement of parts due to our reasons,all parts ordered by private car owners can be returned and replaced if they are not fit your car.

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Schedule of basic car auto spare parts maintenance:
--Engine oil Every 6 months or 6000 miles.
--Windshield wiper blades When to change them: Every 6- 12 months.
--Battery When to change it: Every 5 years.
--Brake pads /Brake shoes
When to change them: Every 50,000 miles Inspect brake pads and rotors, as well as brake lines and hoses
--Steering gear, linkage and boots,Every 50 000 km
--Shock absorber / shock spring, engine mounting, CV boots Every 50 000 km
--Accessory drive belt When to change it: Every 50,000 miles.
--Coolant hoses
When to change them: Every 75,000 miles.Inspect cooling system and hoses
--Air filter/oil filters/fuel filters When to change it: Every 30,000 miles.
--Tires When to change them: Every 45,000 miles.
--Spark Plugs In general, you should check about once every year


Keep Automotive Tools Handy / Car Emergency Kit
One of the best ways to keep your vehicle running great is to work on a problem as soon as it arises. You can do this if you have the right tools. Carry the basic automotive tools with you at all times.
Here’s a good list of tools to keep in your car:
Wrench set
Socket set
Pliers (with wire cutter)
Jack Stands (2x)
Lug Wrench
Jumper Cables
Fluids (coolant, motor oil, and water)
Electrical Tape

You can keep a small set of tools in your trunk for easy access. Also, make sure you have a clean pair of jumper cables with your tools. Being prepared is key when it comes to quickly addressing problems with your car.

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Consider Covering Your Car
Depending on where you live,you can help your car last longer by covering it up.For example the customer from Australia, the ultraviolet rays are very strong and pepole often buy protective devices for their vehicles. Keeping your car away from sunlight and other outdoor elements can add years to the life of the paint job. You can buy special car covers(Dust proof/ windproof/ water-proof/ snow proof etc.) for your brand and style. Keeping it in the garage or under a carport is also a useful option. Keeping paint fresh and new helps keep your car from rusting and breaking down.

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For global market auto parts wholesalers our advantage products are as follows:

Automobile electrical parts:

starter, generator, wiper motor, combination switch, ignition coil, distributor, horn, sensor, spark plug, wiring harness, various switches, relay, flasher, instrument, fuse (box), window regulator , ABS computer boards and so on.

Automobile chassis series:

shock absorber, control arm, clutch disc and clutch cover, ball joint, wheel cover,cv joint shaft, wheel hub, rear axle assembly, rear axle housing, brake pads, brake shoes, brake drum, Brake disc, compressor, vacuum afterburner, brake assembly, master cylinder, brake cylinder, lower arm, front axle assembly, steering rack gear, power steering pump, U-joint, tie rod ball joint, left and right Tie rods, etc.


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