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Story:17 years of win win cooperation with customers

February 9, 2021

Latest company case about Story:17 years of win win cooperation with customers


The 95th Canton Fair in 2004,Guangzhou.It is the 3rd year China joined the WTO (World Trade Organization)and become a member of the global industrial chain.Many business men from all over the world came to this country full of opportunities. A few years later in 2008 it is known as “China Import and Export Fair”.
Leo,the product manager of A1 Auto Parts Connection Co., Ltd. ,met Alex from Ivory Coast.He was confused by Alex first question:"C'est combien?". Realizing that Alex may be asking about the price because the sample of Toyota Corolla brake pad, which is a popular model, is widely used in many African markets by taxis. Then Leo typed a string of numbers on the calculator and showed it to Alex. Next step became easier and faster because as an exhibitor of the Canton Fair, Leo’s factory is only 70 km away from the exhibition center, then they completed the first phase of the negotiation in the factory office.From 2004 to 2021, there are four auto parts stores have been opened successively, and all products are supplied from Leo.
Since 17 years of cooperation with Alex, all the product series of the whole Japanese car series have been handed over to A1 Team. We have helped him integrate the purchasing resources, focusing on all the product series in the world, from the appearance parts of automobile panels to the chassis parts.

At present, we have a professional French-speaking team to provide services for Alex.Over the years, we have been committed to the optimization of the following processes:
--sharing the development progress of new products, and share the information of new models.
--Keep close communication with customers, summarize and hold video conference regularly.
--Ensure the computerization of customer order process.Set up quick order system for customers, and provide market popular fast moving parts data.
--From the customer’s order issued to share production planning and other information with customers, so that customers understand, shipping expectations.
--Follow up key customers to receive feedback and make effective correction in future work.
--Frequent and regular visits with key customers.
--Sharing sales and demand forecast information with customers.
--Sharing inventory update status with key customers.


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